Woven Blanket – freehand technique

Learn how to make a Woven blanket!

Weaving is an amazing skill to learn but can be very complex and typically you need a wooden loom to enable you to stretch your yarn. If you’re making a large blanket or rug for a photo shoot then you would need a very large loom making it very expensive! That is why I’m introducing you to free hand weaving! No tools required… just your hands, your yarn/wool and a glue gun.

4 Weaving Looms exampleExamples of weaving looms including a cardboard loom (bottom right), which is a very affordable option and definitely a future tutorial coming soon!

Materials needed for a free hand weaveMaterials needed for this freehand weave…

So what is weaving? Here’s the technical bit… Weaving = the craft or action in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.  These connecting yarns are made up of a warp and weft.  So basically you have lots of yarn strips, half are positioned horizontally and the other half are vertically from left to right. Each and every yarn strip is interlaced (neatly tangled) with those yarn lengths around them! 

Warp Weft in weaving diagram

Plain Weaving?

The pattern we are following for our woven blankets uses plain weave, like in this woven sketch. Each yarn strip is only ever one apart from another forming a symmetrical even pattern. Each length of yarn goes under then over, under then other as it passes another yarn!  There are many other patterns you can use like passing over 2 or 3 strands before passing under or twisting or knotting the yarn as it goes along…. but well leave those for another day!

Plain Weave Sketch

Freehand Weaving



  • Your hands!
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun


  • Yarn…. literally any yarn thats remotely thick or chunky… here’s some ideas!
    • Super Chunky
    • Chunky, then double up the strands
    • Jute Yarn – various thicknesses
    • Thick and Thin Yarn
    • Scrap Fabric Strips
    • T-Shirt Yarn
    • Macrame Cord

Watch this video below where I show you how to make your woven blanket in a tight pattern where each strand is butted up tightly to the next with no gaps in between.

Freehand WeavingTight Freehand Weave with 2 strands of yarn used for each Warp and Weft

Freehand WeavingLoose Freehand Weave with thick strands of yarn used for each Warp and Weft

Freehand WeavingLoose Freehand Weave with strands of jute yarn used for each Warp and Weft

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