4 Amazing Basket Stuffers

Create beautiful Wool Fluff from basic yarn


Wool Fluff

This tutorial shows you how to make a basket stuffer thats full of texture, easy to make and can be any colour you want! You can even include a range of tones and shades for even more depth and interest. It’s also super cheap… search fabric shops for remnants and off cuts, charity shops for old clothes or even a good old photo prop de-stash for old wraps you can up-cycle.


  • Sharp Scissors for cutting the yarn into strips
  • A brush or a comb, a small pet brush I found works really well!


  • Yarn… single spun chunky is best, but really anything goes, experiment and see what works best, any yarn can be pulled apart. Try for 100% sheep’s wool for the softest fluffiest result, but again it comes down to what you can get hold of!


  • Cut your yarn into lengths of around 30cm.
  • Pull each length apart, by teasing the individual wool strands away from each other. This will depend on the type of yarn you are using, but you may need to untwist or remove any cotton thread used in the spinning process first.
  • Finally use your brush to fluff up your yarn even more!

Fluffy Yarn Basket Stuffer

Fluffy Yarn Basket Stuffer

Fluffy Yarn Basket Stuffer

Fluffy Yarn Basket Stuffer

Watch the video below to find out how to do it!

6 month photo props


4 Basket Fillers
4 Basket Fillers
4 Basket Fillers
4 Basket Fillers
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