A basket stuffer or basket filler is basically a prop that you can use to fill a basket, bowl, bed or bucket that creates a lovely soft, squishy nest for your newborn to sleep in. The choice is important to your style and colour theme as they are going to be visible in your final image even if you add a small texture layer on top.

If you’re using a deep basket you may need extra padding like blankets or towels underneath your stuffer to ensure your newborn is at the top of the basket and not sinking into its depths!

Your choice of stuffer will depend on the style of vessel you have selected; is it deep or shallow, large or small? Also what pose are you going to put your newborn in may tell you the best option.

What are your typical stuffers?

Loose Curls

Cloud Fluff

Layer Fluff

Wool Braids

Felted Fur

Knitted Blankets

Felted Blankets

Get creative with stuffers found around the home

  • Scarfs
  • Blankets – large knitted ones are great for adding texture
  • Large Cushion Covers – especially fluffy hairy ones!

Or try your hand at making DIY props

  • Ripped up bits of ribbon and lace
  • Buy wool roving or wool batting from a craft shop or fibre artist




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