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Bows are an amazing little design… learn how to use them for your props!

A bow is such a simple creation using minimal materials it can often be overlooked when designing photography props, but they produce such a beautiful, soft and flowing element they can be the perfect choice, especially for a beginner prop maker!

Tiny, small, large or enormous, use one bow, use 2,3 or 4 bows! Think carefully about your material and colour choice as this will dictate your style and overall look.  Do you want soft and floaty, an organic bow shape or stiff and precise? Maybe lots of texture or smooth and shiny, a rustic, vintage look or glitzy glamour for a perfect princess?

If you are new to crafting your own props, making a bow into an accessory which matches your existing stash is a great place to start.  I recommend checking out “Styling your Newborn Portfolio” and “Organise your Prop Stash” first to help you make the best material and colour choices for your DIY adventures and to maintain a consistent brand style.

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

How to Tie the Perfect Bow

The first step to a beautiful bow is learning how to tie a perfect looking bow every time. If you’re using 3 bows side by side on a tieback you want them to look the same if not very similar.  Watch this video to show you how…


This technique requires you to tie a knot to create the bow… remember this when selecting your material.  Go too wide or too thick and the knot in the middle will be bulky and untidy.  This will require a different technique which you can explore inside the “Craft your Creativity” membership. 


  • Your fingers!
  • Scissors


  • Ribbon, strips of fabric like silk or cotton, lace, leather, yarn etc.

You can now attach your bows onto a variety of tieback bases…. then you have your first prop! Check out our blog post “How to make a Tieback Blank” these are the most popular way of creating a tieback because of the soft stretchy fabric used.

Next you can attach your bows onto headbands, crowns, bonnets, hats, blankets and much more… If you want to learn more about how to do some of these… sign up to our FREE “Craft Your Creativity” library of tutorials! 👇

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Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props Using Bows in DIY Photo Props Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

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We hope you have fun making bows and share your creations with us by tagging #natartmadethis. For more DIY ideas and inspiration, join us on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook. Or browse our video tutorials on how to make photo props, home decor, and more.

Thanks for images by @amandamarieartistry and @rusticheartphotography

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