Back-Tie Bonnet Folded Technique

Back-Tie Bonnet – folded technique So you’ve tried the “First Basic” technique and “The Alternative” and even had a go at “Double Ties” now we’re going to take these one step further and create a bonnet which has a...

Back-Tie Bonnet Gathered Edging

Back-Tie Bonnet – gathered edging So we now know how to make a simple back-tie bonnet using 3 different techniques, the “First Basic” “The Alternative” and “The Double Ties”. So far we’ve only used one rectangle of...

Back-Tie Bonnet Double Ties

Back-Tie Bonnet – double ties ** Special Technique, genius idea – VERY EXCITED!** This video is following on from the alternative technique to the basic back-tie where we threaded a simple strip of fabric through one edge of the rectangle used to pull the...

Back Tie Bonnet

A Cute Bonnet – quick and easy version We all love a cute bonnet, it’s a “go to” prop to use in your photo shoots…. I’m sure in most sessions you use a bonnet somewhere in a setup! When we visualise a bonnet we might imagine a beautiful...

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