Do all your Newborn Images have a unique style?

It’s important as a Newborn Photographer or any child photographer to have a unique style to all of your work. Colour, lighting, newborn photo props and texture all contribute.  Having a cohesive portfolio which shows your personality, creates a brand so when people see your work they instantly know who the newborn photographer is.

Potential clients looking for a photographer like to have an idea of the type of images they might receive if they booked their newborn photo shoot with you. Having a portfolio with all images fitting a style gives them confidence they will get the same high quality images of their own newborn.  They book you because they love your style, your setup designs and your creativity! – these are your ideal clients that will love you because your style reflects your personality!

So what does style mean? How do you know if you already have a consistent style across all of your work?

Style is made up of all these basic elements:

  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Lighting
  • Density
  • Accents

These elements can create a particular mood or emotion.

How would you describe your style in a sentence?

Try to write down your style in a sentence using as many descriptive words as possible! Lets look at some examples…

Newborn Photography StyleGirly Princess lots of lace, pearls and fabrics, sparkles, glitter and glam! Light and airy with soft colours, each setup is based on one colour.


Newborn Photography StyleNature inspired props and colours, texture rich with lots of details, soft even lighting often resulting in a creative composite. Shot from above with lots of space around each setup.


You can also define your style or make your portfolio more cohesive by choosing a unique newborn photography prop you love to use or a particular photographic background. Maybe you have a favourite photographic technique or go to filter when post processing? Here are some examples:


  • A favourite rustic basket or heart shaped wooden bowl unique to you that can be seen in most of your images
  • Girly glamorous sparkly tiebacks with lots of pearls, glitter and ribbons
  • You only shoot on a beanbag not using floor props
  • You love rustic wood planks as a floor background
  • All your backgrounds are plain pastel colours blurred into the distance
  • You always shoot with shallow depth of field, only the babies face is in focus
  • You crop tightly into your setups
  • There’s a particular vintage filter in Photoshop you put on all your images
  • You love circular setups, lots of space around them, shot from above
  • You always shoot to create a composite or use a digital background
Newborn Photography StyleBright and colourful painted backgrounds which follows through to brightly coloured props.
More than one colour used in a setup.


Newborn Photography StyleRustic farmhouse, rich colours, dark wooden floors, soft earthy tones with lots of texture


Lets explore words which you can use to describe your style…

Minimal : Vibrant : Earthy : Soft : Monochromatic : Vintage : Dark : Contrasty : Airy : Smooth : Colour Pops : Floral : Bling : Dark Shadows : Clean : Dramatic : Rustic : Shabby Chic : Layers of Texture : Rich : Nature : Bohemian : Sparkles : Glamour : Subtle : Busy : Modern


Newborn Photography StyleWhite backgrounds, soft simple clean setups with pastel colours, minimal texture variation and smooth transitions. Baby is always centre stage with little props for added interest


Newborn Photography StyleRustic earthy tones, plain coloured backgrounds with a subtle texture, natural materials used; wood, wool, twine and flowers, warm lighting


All the above images feature Natart Made This woolly props….  visit my shop to explore what I have in stock right now!


Thanks to all these lovely photographers for sharing these images:
Amanda Marie Artistry
Tanya D Schmidt Photography
Kasia Soszka Photography
Diana Pieck Photography
Annie K Photography
Rockabye Baby Photography

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