Cream Burlap Hessian Layer


White hessian newborn blanket photo prop, basket filler, texture layer, woven rug

Jute woven texture layer “hessian” this is a great simple prop for adding a touch of organic texture, very versatile and can be used as a basket stuffer, blanket or layered with other props. Often seen out of focus underneath a bowl/blanket as an extra final touch to the overall effect!
As the hessian is lightly woven it can still be pulled and stretched to alter the warp and weft. The edges can be frayed even more by removing some string.

COLOUR: “White”
TYPE: Hessian Woven Blanket
MATERIAL: Jute string
SIZE: approx. 27in x 19in with a little stretch and frayed organic edges

Cold hand wash only and allow to dry naturally.

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