Set of 3 Orange Felted Hearts (4cm/6cm)


3 Warm Colours 4cm/6cm Felt Heart, newborn photo prop, needle felting


Use a needle felted, wool heart to give your images a creative edge, soft and squishy, your newborn will love to hold this newborn prop in their hand and your clients will love the cute extra touch it adds to their images.

MATERIAL: Hearts are all needle felted by hand from soft Merino wool, smooth well finished outside, squishy inside!
COLOURS: Each set of 3 is a light, a mid and a dark shade of your chosen colour
PROCESS: 100% natural – washed in natural soaps and dyed with natural plant extracts
AMOUNT: Each one is 6cm wide, shape may vary slightly as each one is individually handmade

  • Perfect size to fit in a newborn baby’s hand
  • Easily add a special extra touch to your images that your clients will love!
  • Super soft and natural, position on baby or anywhere in a setup

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Care Instructions: Spot cleaning is preferable (then blot between 2 towels). It can also be hand washed in luke warm water with a small amount of detergent, allow to dry naturally.

Please be aware that colours may vary as each heart is individually hand dyed and felted.


Cinnamon Swirl, Pumpkin Pie, Sunset


Soft Merino Wool

Heart Size

4cm, 6cm


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