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How to make the Perfect PomPom!!

Without it falling apart or being able to pull it apart!

You might have made pompoms as a kid or maybe you’ve made them with your own children recently! But don’t dismiss them as cheap looking crafts… made correctly they can look amazing, super cute and the perfect final touch to a sleepy hat, blanket, wall hanging or even a tieback!!

This pompom tutorial is the perfect beginners project if you are new to crafting your own props. Once you have your pompoms we recommend checking out “How to make a sleepy Hat” … practise making a lovely cute sleepy hat with a knot on top and then check out the post “Make more impact with your sleepy hat by adding a pompom!”

The Perfect Pompom

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These pompoms are super easy, you really can’t go wrong! Have fun choosing what yarn you are going to use, this really is your main design element.  Pompoms are traditionally made from yarn or wool but they don’t have to be! Consider ribbons, fabric strips, novelty yarn, art yarn, combining a range of materials together or even make your own yarn from old t-shirts!


Think about your project as a whole, so what are you using the pompoms for? If it’s to attach to a sleepy hat ensure your yarn matches your chosen sleepy hat material! If you’re making a wall hanging, chose all your materials first, lay them out on a table and stand back. Is the overall effect of the colour and texture palette you’ve picked pleasing? Does it match your vision and your brand styling? Lastly ensure you have enough of each material, there’s nothing worse than running out of a beautiful colour half way through a project!!


  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun


  • Yarn
  • Cardboard (the flaps from cardboard boxes are ideal) Sign up for FREE library to find your “Pompom Reference Guide”
  • Cotton Thread
  • Glue Sticks! (can’t do without these… make sure you buy a box load!)

The Perfect Pompom

The secret technique = the use of strong cotton to tie tight knots round the middle of your pompom and a glue gun! …. watch the video to see how!!

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This video shows you how to make a “standard” pompom, the size of template and the amount of times I wrap the yarn are all starting points, have fun experimenting with the following variables to produce an amazing pompom thats unique to YOU!!

The 3 Magic Variables = Your Unique Design

1. The width of your template

2. The type of yarn you chose

3. The amount of times you wrap around your template

BONUS! How you trim your pompom in the final step!


Here are examples of how selecting different types of yarn can change the style of your pompom.
Thin plied yarn wrapped less = shaggy

The Perfect Pompom

The Perfect Pompom

Thin plied yarn wrapped more = full, neat and tidy but with lots of texture
The Perfect Pompom

The Perfect Pompom

Thick, soft singles yarn wrapped more = a really full effect with little to no texture, it’s as smooth as a ping pong ball! Just ultra soft and squishy!
The Perfect Pompom

The Perfect Pompom

Mohair yarn is truly amazing, you have to try it! = Gives you lots and lots of texture and depth giving you a fun, messy playful character!

The Perfect Pompom

The Perfect Pompom

Next check out these super adorable sleepy hats and find out how you can attach your pompoms to the very tops giving a more detailed yet playful feature! Find this tutorial in my FREE library.

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Sleepy Hats with Pompoms

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