A marvellous hack to make your own tieback bases

Soft, super stretchy, size adjustable, come in a large variety of colours and the absolute go to base for many tiebacks on the market today. What if you could easily make your own base blanks and then attach anything you wanted to create the perfect cute and beautiful tieback? Well good news is you totally can and it’s super easy!

This tieback blank is the perfect beginners project if you are new to crafting your own props. Once you have your tieback blank we recommend checking out “5 Easy Tieback Designs” “Using Bows” and “Barrel Knot Tieback” for embellishment ideas; simple, beginner projects for attaching to your new soft and stretchy bases!

Make your own tieback blanks

Tieback Blanks

These tieback blanks are an introduction to upcycling as they are super doper easy, you really can’t go wrong! The fun comes in creating embellishments to attach onto your blanks! Don’t worry too much about cutting neatly or perfectly straight, as long as you are 90% actuate! Once you have cut your fabric strip it remains relatively flat, pull on both ends and the edges curl in to create that typical rolled up look to these tiebacks… your cut edges vanish and hide any imperfections!


Explore charity shops and upcycle old t-shirts to cut fabric strips, these can also be used to make other projects in “Craft Your Creativity”.  The thinner the better, too thick and it doesn’t remain stretchy…. test out the stretchiness before committing!  Adult sizes are the best as they are wide enough for the length of tieback we need, but don’t dismiss child’s sizes as you can get away with keeping the seams in place and hiding them with an embellishment or hidden by the knot at the back.  To make a tieback which matches your prop collection, consider cutting a strip of fabric from an existing wrap!


  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Ruler or template
  • Pen or similar to mark fabric (optional)


  • Stretchy Fabric; old t-shirts are the perfect material!
  • Or if buying fabric look for “light weight cotton stretch jersey”

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

How to make a Tieback Blank

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials
  2. Create a paper template
  3. Lay out your t-shirt on a flat surface
  4. Cut off the bottom hem first to create a straight cut edge. You are cutting through 2 layers of fabric.
  5. Pin your template to your t-shirt along the newly cut edge
  6. Cut another straight line, using your template as a guide
  7. Remove the pins and template
  8. Trim off the 2 seams either side cutting your loop of fabric in half
  9. You now have 2 tieback blanks!

Make sure you cut your t-shirt or fabric in the correct direction. Cotton jersey fabric stretches more in one way than another. You will notice the surface is made up of lots of lines, the most stretch pulls these lines apart away from each other.  These lines must run across the width of your tieback making them only 3cm wide and not run across the whole length to ensure maximum stretch! You will also be able to test this just by pulling the fabric in both ways.

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

These are your typical sizes, but they can also be just a starting point. Feel free to play with the length if you find them too tight or too loose. This can also vary depending on the stretchiness of your fabric.  Also experiment with the width, this can be a visual preference or might be determined by how large or small the embellishment is you are attaching to it!

newborn size = 3cm x 44cm

toddler size = 3cm x 48cm

child size = 3cm x 54cm

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

Absolutely gorgeous tiebacks are made with these stretchy material as the base… you could be making these too, helping you achieve amazing imagery like the examples below 👇  

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

DIY Upcycled Tieback Blanks

Thanks to @amandamaireartistry, @wendyantrim and @rusticheartphotography for sharing these beautiful images.

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