Barrel Knot Tieback

Learn how to make a very simple but effective tieback with minimal materials!

A clean and simple tieback can often be all thats needed to add the final detail to a setup making up a collection of props in similar tones of the same colour and a variety of textures.

This simple Barrel Knot is the perfect beginners tieback if you are new to crafting your own props. We recommend checking out “5 Easy Tieback Designs” first for more simple but effective beginner tiebacks.

Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

This tieback is an introduction to macrame and uses an easy knot called a barrel knot which is repeated again and again to create a block of detail.  All that is needed is a tieback base to tie the knot with… yarn, ribbon, lace, fabric strips, string… you get the idea. You just need to explore your house, craft store or charity shops for potential materials and then experiment!


Explore charity shops and recycle old clothes to cut fabric strips, these can also be used to make other projects in “Craft Your Creativity”.  To make a tieback which matches your prop collection, consider cutting a strip of fabric from an existing wrap!  Checkout our post “How to make a tieback blank by upcycling old clothes”


  • Your fingers!
  • Scissors


  • A tieback base… yarn, ribbon, fabric strip etc.

How to make a Barrel Knot Tieback

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials
  2. Cut a length of your yarn or ribbon, around 50cm should be enough
  3. Lay out your yarn and fold the bottom upwards and underneath to form a loop about 20cm along the length
  4. The yarn underneath becomes your working end.
  5. Fold the working end over and through the loop from right to left
  6. Fold the working end over and through the loop from left to right
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6, pulling and tightening your yarn as you go
  8. When you are happy with the size of your design, pull both end of your yarn to tighten and neaten
  9. Your final knot design should end up close the the middle with enough length either side to tie behind your babies head


Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

Barrel Knot Tieback

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