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Don’t know where to start? Try these “No Makes”

If you lack confidence, have never made any props before or simply don’t know where to start, then these ‘No Makes” will get you creating your very first props and help get your ideas and creativity flowing! As the name suggests these props literally need no making whatsoever, just source your materials, arrange how you want and off you go! There isn’t even any glue this onto this or pull this apart, we are simply using the materials we can find and using them as they come!

Core Wool Basket Stuffer

For this basket or bowl stuffer you need to buy some core wool, or really any fluffy wool you can find! To make it clear this isn’t yarn, it is literally wool straight off a sheep which has been cleaned, scoured and combed ready to use.

Core wool is sheeps wool that has been cleaned, scoured and carded in a mill, it has a lofty and easily feltable texture therefore often used as a base for large needle felted pieces. It’s actually made up of a mixture of a variety of sheep types, with various fibre lengths and quality. This also makes it a cheap option. It can be easily dyed therefore you can find various different colours if you like this idea!

No Make DIY PropsI’ve bought this wool from they have a range of colours and its pretty cheap!

No Make DIY PropsStraight out the packet it’s a bit squished… but fluff it up, pull it apart and it can look amazing like in these photos below.

No Make DIY Props

No Make DIY Props

No Make DIY Props

No Make DIY Props

If you want to take the next step and make a similar fluffy basket stuffer which uses yarn and has a quick and easy technique then ready this blog post.

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Fabric Filler

This “no make” is probably the easiest to achieve. The hardest bit is choosing your fabric! All you need is a sheet of fabric, scrunch it, drape it and arrange it in your basket or bowl and away you go! The best fabric to chose is lightweight, floaty and with plenty of texture. Its great to rip the edges and provide a rough frayed organic feel. Try chiffon, silk, muslin, netting, embroidered fabric or even lace.

No Make DIY Props

No Make DIY Props

No Make DIY Props This lace fabric is actually a dress found in a charity shop! I haven’t altered or cut it in any way, the arms and top section of the dress are folded away underneath and the skirt part I’ve draped over the sides of my bowl. Using a dark wooden bowl allowed the pattern in the white lace to stand out.

No Make DIY Props Or just scrunch up your lace inside the bowl for a great texture.

No Make DIY Props

For each of these fabric fillers I’ve used padded supports underneath, you could also use cushions or towels. You definitely need to be using something to support a newborn as the fabric on its own is purely decorative, being a thin floaty material it won’t provide any support or comfort from the hard bowl underneath. Unless you’re using this idea for a toddler or child to sit in which case you don’t need to worry about extra comfort and support!

No Make DIY Props This fabric is a soft netting. Ordinary netting can be hard and stiff because it has a coating all over it. This soft netting feels lovely and collapses into the bowl with a lovely finish.

No Make DIY Props

No Make DIY Props

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~ Nat x

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