Needle Felting – the pumpkin

For the last lesson we’re going to take your felted ball and turn it into a pumpkin!

We are using a needle and thread as the easiest and quickest way to create the segments of the pumpkin. Same with the rolled up felt for the stem…. quick and easy. You could even use a real dried out twig or thick chunky jute, anything can be hot glued into he top.

All these details can be done just using needle felting and wool, add curly wool locks as a great extra texture detail even blend colour tones and different shades into the base of your pumpkin to make it more realistic and organic…… but I will leave this for you to learn in another lesson!!

6 month photo props
6 month photo props


1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props

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