Fabric Flowers: Materials

There are at least 5 different types of synthetic fabric which are perfect for making these flowers. The use of synthetic material is essential, as the process of making the flowers involves melting the edges. If you use natural fabrics (silk, cotton, rayon) the edges will burn rather than melt/fuse… not a good look!

Try and find any of the following:

  • satin (polyester not silk!)
  • chiffon (polyester)
  • taffeta which is an imitation silk (polyester blend)
  • organza

Also consider colour and texture. If you are using all the fabrics in one colour or shade, the blooms may just appear as a ball of one single colour. If you use varying sizes, shapes, twists and ruffles in the design then the melted edges stand out in contrast and unique shapes are formed.  Contrast in hues and styles is another design idea and can help highlight the main colour and give depth to the overall appearance.

You can also use lace or tulle (netting) as an added layer but the edges should not need to be melted. These fabrics add a nice texture layer to the flowers.

Melted Flowers materials


  • Fabric Scissors
  • Template (optional) Download HERE
  • Candle & matches (tea light or lighter)
  • Glue gun
  • Sewing needle and thread

Melted Flowers

Melted FlowersFaux Dupion Raw Silk or Dupion Shantung Raw Silk Fabric (100% Polyester – has a lovely texture!)

Melted FlowersFaux Dupion Raw Silk

Melted FlowersTaffeta Silk Imitation

Melted FlowersPolyester Satin

Melted FlowersGeorgette Chiffon – plain crepe

Melted Flowers




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