In the video I’m using 100% recycled cotton cord, also known as macramé rope or macramé cord. This one is 3mm and single twist. It’s so super soft and smooth and creates beautiful fringes and tassels!

Try Different Materials

These photos show the different types of yarn or cord you could use for macramé. Really think about the style of your photoshoot or room you might be using a macramé project for. This will determine the type and colour of your chosen material. Using simple materials like cotton twine, jute, hemp, or yarn, macramé can be as simple or complex as you would like.

Traditionally macramé is created with macramé cord or rope. Standard projects will typically require cords that are 3 mm to 6 mm thick, the best being single strand high quality Cotton Cord for its soft feel and ease of knotting, along side effortless fringing.

Macrame MaterialsThe 4 balls are 100% Recycled Cotton Macrame Cord 5mm single twist. The teal spool is 3mm and the pink is 3ply 5mm.
Macrame Materials Jute or Hemp string 3mm and 4mm.
Macrame Materials Various chunky yarn, singles or plied.
Macrame Materials T-Shirt Yarn, the spool is commercially bought recycled cotton called “Zpagetti” or you can make your own t-shirt yarn by recycling an old t-shirt (tutorial to come!)

Macrame Materials


6 month photo props
6 month photo props


1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props

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