4 Amazing Basket Stuffers

Loose Curls Basket Stuffer

Loose Curls

Loose Curls

This tutorial shows you how to make a basket stuffer thats full of texture, easy to make and can be any colour you want! You can even include a range of tones and shades for even more depth and interest. It’s also super cheap… search fabric shops for remnants and off cuts, charity shops for old clothes or even a good old photo prop de-stash for old wraps you can up-cycle.


  • No tools needed unless you need to wash your wool or you want to dye your wool a different colour. See separate tutorials if you want to have a go at these!


  • Curly Wool Locks, there are lots of different types of wool from different breeds of sheep, see below where I detail some varieties to look out for.

These sheep breeds are the best for curly wool as their fleece is formed of tight curly locks which makes the gorgeous texture and detail in this basket filler. We don’t just want fluffy wool on this one!



Leicester Longwool


but… it’s not just a case of buying wool which says it’s Teeswater for example, it’s a little more complex. Wool locks can come raw or washed. They can come sorted into neat bundles with all the locks organised going in the same direction or they can be in a jumbled mixture. The length of each lock can vary as well. Some wool can also be naturally felted which is where all the locks are stuck together making a rough blanket, the amount of felting can vary. Felted wool is great if you’re making a blanket layer but in this case we want loose curls, all individual beautiful locks… unfortunately these are classed as high quality therefore can be quite expensive. I suggest you explore what you can find to buy so see if this is a suitable project for you, if not then stick to the other basket stuffers suggested in this section.

Loose Curls

6 month photo props


4 Basket Fillers
4 Basket Fillers
4 Basket Fillers
4 Basket Fillers
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