Bonnet of Bows

Learn how to make a bonnet full of bows… a very simple but effective technique!

Take a knitted bonnet…. any bonnet will do you don’t have to make it yourself, although it would be amazing if you do! Rummage through your prop stash and find any bonnets you’ve fallen out of love with and haven’t used in ages! Tie a few bows, attach them where you want and hey presto you have a totally new look!

Bonnet of Bows

Bonnet of Bows

This tutorial is such a simple technique and idea but can completely transform a bonnet into a work of art, you can change the style to fit in with your unique style, or fit into a theme your client wants to create. Introduce a new colour or a different tone/shade of the same colour to provide more texture and depth to your image.

If you don’t want to make your own knitted bonnet…. don’t despair you can still create this beautiful prop! Go and check out my blog post “Organise your Prop Stash”…. this will help you to sort through your existing props and find any unloved bonnets that you could use as a base for this project.


  • Your fingers!
  • Scissors


  • A knitted bonnet
  • Ribbon or fabric strips like silk or chiffon which is beautiful
Step 1. Tie the perfect bows

First step is to make your perfect bows…. if you haven’t watched the video “How to Tie a Perfect Bow” go and watch that first here.

Step 2. The Secret Technique

This next video is explaining the secret technique I use to attach the bows… here’s the surprise the bows are NOT permanently attached and can be changed up at any time! Perfect for creating a new look in different photos.  Change the colours, change the material and textures, use 1 bow, 2 bows, 5 bows!

Step 3. Make your Bonnet of Bows

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We hope you have fun making this bonnet of bows and share your creations with us by tagging #natartmadethis. For more DIY ideas and inspiration, join us on InstagramPinterest, and Facebook. Or browse our video tutorials on how to make photo props, home decor, and more.

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