Image if it was easy and effortless to come up with endless ideas for making your own

Photo Props

and you knew all the skills needed to craft your vision.

Introducing “Craft Your Creativity”

Discover your inner creativity

A comprehensive membership where you’ll learn new craft skills, transform your newborn/child photographs into memorable works of art by discovering your unique style and brand story. Make more money and up-level your love for photography in every way imaginable.

Lifetime price of ONLY £9.99/month

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How it Works


Select a monthly or annual plan. Both offer the same perks, but you’ll save more money with an annual membership.


Craft brilliant and beautiful projects all year long, with templates and tutorials to support your success!


Keep improving with each project! Share your projects and get support from our crafting community.

“Craft Your Creativity” is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to make your own photo props but also takes you on a journey to discover the “unique you” take your photography skills to a different level, define your own style and tell a story through your images.

This membership will teach you how you create your own photo props so you can become unique, grow your photography and design vision and stop being controlled by shop bought props and the creativity of others.

Creativity is: the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. To inject a little more imagination into our everyday lives.


What if you could…

  • Totally master your brand style by crafting your own props
  • Build your prop stash on a budget… & be fully colour co-ordinated with stylised collections
  • Design & craft a whole photographic setup from start to finish, even complex composites
  • Win awards for your amazing, memorable story telling images
  • Ace your clients visions and requests for styled images
  • Be picky in the clients you take on and charge more

Not only is this possible, I’ve created a membership to help you accomplish all of this…. and more! Everyone will be asking where you got your props and ideas from!




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There’s no risk – cancel at any time.

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My Vision, your Journey!

You may know me for making handmade woolly props for Newborn Photographers to buy… which I love doing but, there’s something missing.  I planned to help photographers take amazing photos by using my props but this process isn’t enough, there isn’t enough interaction with just selling a physical “thing”…

I have a confession to make… I have an addiction which I can’t ignore! I love making and crafting and creating, it’s in my blood, it comes out my ears, it flows out of my fingers! Not only into the fabrics I use, but onto paper in the form of lists and lists of ideas, inspiration for future makes, techniques and skills to explore… phew!!  See what I mean!

So I crafted a vision… what if I could help photographers by enabling them to craft their own props, explore their own unique style thus satisfying my need to craft my way through my little (no huge!) notebook of ideas – total waste to have it sat on a shelf! – and at the same time creating a community of like minded lovely ladies who I can share a journey of creativity with.  


“Craft Your Creativity” was born!

Be You!...

To stand out in a crowd of photographers all buying the same props, to take charge of the whole design and creation process, this means better photos and more success, you feel proud and bonus… you save money!

Imagination & Inspiration...
Give you excitement and the imagination to fully design and make a whole personalised setup for a new client. Give you inspiration, the skill and guidance to craft your own props.
Pathway to Success...

Craft your pathway to visual success (awarding winning images, distinct photos that shout “you”, instantly recognisable images new clients will be rushing to book!)

A Journey through Stages...

Your membership isn’t just a library full of tutorials to search through but a pathway of stages. Start at Stage 1 with beginner projects, learn the why, not just the how. Discover your unique style though worksheets then work your way to Stage 6 for technical personalised projects and complex composites!

Instant Results...

Start producing simple props in a few weeks, produce a full DIY setup in 6 months to a year. Continuous process can always be learning new skills and being inspired.


Discover your inner creativity, develop your unique style and brand story. To help literally craft your journey through making props.

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There’s no risk – cancel at any time.

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Here’s what you can access as soon as you join…

Monthly Tutorials

At the start of each month you get a new project to make yourself a brand new prop with suggestions for variations so you can create unique props in your style every time. All past projects stay in the portal to access at anytime so feel free to dip in and out.  When you first join you will find lots of exciting ideas to try!

Expert Guidance

Learn new skills. All resources are divided into stages to help you along your path to crafting brilliance, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects to continue helping you grow. Each project is split into bite sized piece to avoid overwhelm.

Mini Technique masterclasses

Every month I run at least one mini-masterclass on a specific technique or skill that can be used across many projects or select one to further develop a project to be uniquely yours!

Group inspiration and brainstorms

Inside the Facebook group we’ll take a prop project and anyone in the group who has experience or ideas will pitch in and share their best tips. This turns into a great inspirational resource, full of little nuggets of wisdom.

Exclusive Member Offers

On crafting supplies, kits, and more




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There’s no risk – cancel at any time.

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Who is it for?

Perfect for the photographer or prop vendor who loves to get stuck in and have a go, who wishes to be unique and not blend in. Passionate about taking their photography to a different level. Who enjoys making/crafting (even if think not good at it). Who loves a good bargain, searching through charity shops, exploring craft/textile/art shops. Very tactile, loves the feel of fabrics and the pleasure of transforming them into a beautiful creation. Loves design and colour, to be themselves and show their personality through their work and happy to put the effort in to produce better results.

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Hi There
I’m Nat Orchard

I’m living my dream in a small countryside village in Devon just minutes from the sea. Artist, photographer and handicrafter with a passion for wool and all things handmade. I love paddling in the sea, chocolate, countryside walks and working from home with my 3 kids playing around me. My mission? To inspire others to create amazing story telling images with natural organic props.

I want to introduce to you my passion for creative images through articles and resources and challenges but leave the baby posing up to you! Actually I want you to come on a journey with me… I love using natural materials, of course all the Woolly props I make but also any natural material you can find outdoors, flowers, twigs, leaves, feathers etc. In the coming months I’m going to be exploring all the ways these can be used in your images both in a live shoot and through post-processing. You will be learning with me as I explore my passion!

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