Fabric Flowers: Gold Circles with lace Squares Example

Melted Flowers Tieback 1.  I made 6 mini circles I wanted to use and a matching stretchy tieback blank. I then found a range of materials I liked in a common theme, this one is quite rustic and autumnal.

Melted Flowers Tieback 2.  I ended up changing my materials a little as I experimented with what textures and colours matched and what didn’t. I used a simple layering idea and thinking of each circle as a separate element.  Here’s my final choice and design decided upon!

Melted Flowers Tieback 3. Using my polystyrene ball I started putting it all together.

Melted Flowers Tieback

Melted Flowers Tieback

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1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props
1 year photo props

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