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Learn how to make a very simple Woven Blanket

I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by weaving! I have a ton of inspirational weaving projects saved on my phone and a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to amazing woven examples and techniques. Have you ever wondered how weaving produces an actual piece of fabric without any knotting, sewing or glueing!!  How an earth do we start creating something so beautiful and complex for our photo props? Well… I’m super excited to share with you this easy peasy method of free hand weaving, you really can’t go wrong and BONUS! You achieve a fringe on all edges of your blanket when traditional weaving only gives you a fringe top and bottom!

Once created you can use the blanket as basket or bowl stuffers or a texture layer over other woolly stuffers. Choose the right material and they can also become a rug under a bowl prop or for a sitter/toddler shoot. 

So what is weaving?

Weaving is an amazing skill to learn but can be very complex and typically you need a wooden loom to enable you to stretch your yarn. If you’re making a large blanket or rug for a photo shoot then you would need a very large loom making it very expensive! That is why I’m introducing you to free hand weaving! No tools required… just your hands, your yarn/wool and a glue gun.

4 Weaving Looms example
Examples of weaving looms including a cardboard loom (bottom right), which is a very affordable option and definitely a future tutorial coming soon!

Here’s the technical bit… Weaving = the craft or action in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth.  These connecting yarns are made up of a warp and weft.  So basically you have lots of yarn strips, half are positioned horizontally and the other half are vertically from left to right. Each and every yarn strip is interlaced (neatly tangled) with those yarn lengths around them!

Warp Weft in weaving diagram

We’re using Plain Weave, but your results are anything but plain!

For these woven blankets we are going to use a basic “Plain Weave” pattern.

Plain weave is the process of pulling the weft thread/yarn (left to right) over the first warp thread/yarn (vertical top to bottom), then under the second, over the third, and so on until you get to the end of the warp threads.

On the second row, you are now starting opposite of where you ended. So if my weft thread/yarn ended over the warp thread/yarn my next pass back would be going right to left and passing under the warp thread/yarn, then going over, then under, and so on until the first warp thread is met again. The basic weave continues on in this way over as many warp threads as you wish.

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How to Make Your Blanket

Here’s the best part…. Watch this video below where I show you how to make your woven blanket in a tight pattern where each strand is butted up tightly to the next with no gaps in between. I’ve used natural coloured chunky wool yarn in these examples but as with all DIY Photo Props really consider and plan what materials you are using… Stay true to your unique style.


  • Your hands!
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Yarn…. literally any yarn thats remotely thick or chunky… here’s some ideas!
    • Super Chunky
    • Chunky, then double up the strands
    • Jute Yarn – various thicknesses
    • Thick and Thin Yarn
    • Scrap Fabric Strips
    • T-Shirt Yarn
    • Macrame Cord

Freehand Weaving

Freehand Weaving

These gorgeous woven blankets have been made exploring different materials and using a more loose woven technique where there are gaps between each warp and weft.

Freehand Weaving

Freehand Weaving

There you have it! The easiest weaving technique you will ever find and the most beautiful woven blanket as a result! Choose your materials and colours by being true to your brand and reflecting the props you own already. Your Newborn Photos will look amazing with your new texture rich woven blanket layers!

Wondering where to begin with selecting the right materials for you style? Check out my blog post on Styling Your Newborn Portfolio.

Explore More

We hope you have fun making this freehand woven blanket, explore our other DIY Projects for more inspiration and techniques.  I would love to see what you create so share your makes with us by tagging #craftyphotographers. You can also follow me on Facebook for weekly LIVE Monday Make Videos!

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