A simple yet beautiful flower… “The Daisy”


Make a daisy and it can be used in many different ways! I do love a daisy even the tiny kind that grows in the grass, I often delay cutting the grass because all the daisy’s will then be gone. I loved making daisy chains when I was a kid and my youngest girl of 4 years still has a fascination with picking a daisy and handing it to you as a present! The daisy is the most intricate and detailed flower I know with all those tiny long white peals and then such a detailed yellow pattern within the middle circle. 

It’s July in the UK and I happened to try out a different route for my morning run, just about making it up a steep hill I was rewarded with a huge bush filled with Michaelmas Daisies at the top, a huge display of amazing white and bright yellow flowers, each flower is really big and so many of them! They are so amazing I thought I just had to make some of these flowers in our props!

Amazingly Daisies symbolise innocence and purity, also a sacred flower which in an old celtic legend came to symbolise childbirth, motherhood, and new beginnings.  So a perfect flower to use in newborn and child photography!

This tutorial walks you through the easiest beginner flower, it can be made in felt or crepe paper and they only require scissors and a glue gun, you don’t even need a template!

Daisy Felt Flower

Daisy Flower Tiebacks

Daisy Flower Tiebacks

Daisy Flowers

This tutorial shows you how to make a daisy with a flat base, these can then be attached to tiebacks, headbands or hair clips. You start off with a square of white felt/paper, cut this square to the size you require your final daisy to be. Think about what your final prop is going to be, a tieback full of 6 small daisies or one large daisy as a feature?


  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • 40% Wool Blend 1mm Felt sheets: White, yellow and green
  • Yellow 1.5cm felted ball (optional)
  • Paper coated Wire – 28 gauge


  • Fine crepe paper: white, yellow and green
  • Paper coated Wire – 28 gauge

Daisy Felt Flower

Felt Daisy SIzes

This is an inspirational video – showing the end result of using these beautiful delicate flowers by attaching them onto tieback blanks and a hair clip.

Daisy Felt Flower

Daisy Felt Flower

Daisy Felt Flower

Daisy Felt Flower

Felt Daisy

Felt Daisy

Felt Daisy

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1 year photo props
1 year photo props

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