Finding the perfect vessel for displaying your wool fluff, newborn blankets, loose curls and felted fur can be challenging. To achieve the perfect “look” in an ideal size and a material that suites your stuffer can be a difficult decision. We’ve compiled a list of the best newborn props in different styles and where to find them to ensure you can take amazing newborn images.

There’s a huge choice out there but it’s also hard to find the perfect high-quality prop especially if you have something specific in mind or an inspiring image with a prop you want just like it!

Below is a selection of the props I own and where I bought them! I live in the UK so some shop types I use as examples will be UK based but I don’t always buy from the UK and you can buy from the UK even if you don’t live here!

Lightly Distressed Metal Bucket

A lovely vintage styled bucket painted in a variety of colours decorated with flowers, great for a girl newborn shoot as a lot prettier than a standard silver metal bucket! Only a limited amount of poses can be used in this so do your research!  (UK)

Wooden bed

A lovely handmade bed made Newborn prop. I love the flower decal added on the front. They have lots of styles, colour options and decorative side panel designs to choose from!   (Poland)

Wooden Rustic Bowl

These bowls are amazing! Handmade, hand painted so unique and individual and the perfect size. (Spain)

Baskets, Buckets, bowls and more! Baskets, Buckets, bowls and more!

Dreamweaver Bowl
Natural Mesh Bowl

love all their props, so much choice I want to buy them all! Great if you live in the US, but well worth paying the postage to the UK or Europe! The dreamweaver bowl is really popular and we’ll sort after but so unique and beautiful you can see why.  (US)

Baskets, Buckets, bowls and more!

Grapevine nest

A nest made out of dried grapevines, a great organic natural prop for a more unique look. One great feature is the ability to poke flowers, leaves or feathers into its open mesh structure. Find it in our very own Natart Made This Shop!

Baskets, Buckets, bowls and more!

Wire basket with wooden handle
Handcrafted Wooden bowl

I found this basket in my local garden center and the wooden bowl at a craft fair.  Also check out hardware stores, antique markets or even the tip to find wheel barrows, root bowls, wooden chairs and more!

Baskets, Buckets, bowls and more!

Vintage Wooden slatted Apple crate
Wooden Wine boxes
Wooden Trench bowl
I found these great boxes and a hand made trench bowl on eBay! A brilliant place to search for bargains and something a bit more unusual as a newborn prop and more challenging to pose your newborn in!


What can you find around your home!? Also a great place to search you may already have suitable props close at hand already that you can use!
* Small Wicker Laundry basket
* Small Wooden drawer… I have a blanket box with small drawers in the bottom the perfect size!
* Plant pot a similar size to a bucket would work
* Small Wooden stool or chair, pose baby on the seat or place another prop vessel on the chair.

All of the above are solid sturdy props often made out of wood or metal but you can also purchase handmade knitted or felted bowls and baskets. Coming here soon!
Please be aware of your newborn safety when using vessels, ensure they are stable and you use a spotter at all times. As long as you adhere to safety you can use any vessel you find that is big enough to pose a newborn inside!
A good judge of size is can the bowl etc. fit your arm from elbow to fist.

Props in action images all feature basket stuffers and fillers from my shop…. loose curls, felted fur, blankets and more…

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