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Hi There
    I’m Nat Orchard

I’m living my dream in a small countryside village in Devon just minutes from the sea. Artist, photographer and handicrafter with a passion for wool and all things handmade. I love paddling in the sea, chocolate, countryside walks and working from home with my 3 kids playing around me. My mission? To inspire others to create amazing story telling images with natural organic props.

I want to introduce to you my passion for creative images through articles and resources and challenges but leave the baby posing up to you! Actually I want you to come on a journey with me… I love using natural materials, of course all the Woolly props I make but also any natural material you can find outdoors, flowers, twigs, leaves, feathers etc. In the coming months I’m going to be exploring all the ways these can be used in your images both in a live shoot and through post-processing. You will be learning with me as I explore my passion!

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