Do you know how many types of fluff I have in my shop?

What actually is fluff?

In part 1 we looked at Cloud Fluff, Texture Fluff and Fairy Fluff, now we will look at 3 more fluffs…
Layer Fluff 
…one giant flat smooth piece of fluff! It comes as a whole piece but is still delicate so don’t pull too hard if you don’t want to break it! The wool is held together by the fibers being in different directions like a mesh and may be lightly felted to hold the fibres together. Can be teared apart if you want smaller bits used in different positions in your setup or stretched to near breaking point for a beautiful smooth wrap.
Key Points – It’s looks are deceptive, a simple layer but it’s actually so versatile The setups are endless and so varied.
Felted Curly fluff 

…lovely long curly locks felted into a flat fixed blanket or rug with a solid back.  Comes in different sizes. Curls are evenly laid out going in the same direction and won’t move as you arrange your set up. Great for easily draping lots of curls neatly and quickly over the edge of a bowl, basket or bed.

Key Points – Being flat but still full of texture it can be used as a rug underneath a vessel as well as inside a bowl or basket. Already beautifully structured for that perfect look.
Felted Shaggy fluff
…similar to felted curly fluff but the locks felted together are fluffy bundles, each lock ending in a point, rather than detailed tight curls. Can be fluffed up or flattened down to sit under a bowl as a rug.
Key Points – You get the textural fluffy qualities of cloud fluff with the benefits of a fixed structured blanket.
Check out my shop to see all different colours, shapes and sizes these fluffs are available to buy in.

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