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Five easy to make 2 minute Tiebacks

There are so many styles, colours and designs of tieback out there to buy and you can’t purchase them all! Wouldn’t it be great if you could craft your own, on a budget and select the perfect colours and texture to style your whole newborn setup.

These tiebacks are so easy and all you need to buy is some yarn and/or ribbon.  Search online like or your local craft or wool shop. Go and explore what’s available, you’ll find thick or thin, smooth or fluffy, straight or twisted. Search online for the words art yarn and you’ll find hand spun creative designs where you get a real texture delight and an array of blended colours.

The following 5 tiebacks are really simple designs and so easy to make, yet still look amazing on your newborn when created as part of the whole setup design.


  • Your fingers!
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun


  • A tieback base… yarn, ribbon, fabric strip etc.
  • Yarn, ribbon or fabric to tie a bow with
  • Art Yarn
  • Flower or other embellishment

1. Yarn, Ribbon or Lace on it’s own

When choosing your yarn… think texture rather than colourful. Thick and thin, fluffy, knotty, loopy, it’s amazing what you can find! – the crazier the better!  Same with the ribbon there’s some lovely designs with added texture, contrasting material or multiple colour tones. A thin strip of detailed lace can look amazing paired an equally lacey wrap or romper! 

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks


2. Combine any two yarns or ribbon

Experiment with using 2 or more materials as your base, a textured knotty yarn and a thin fluffy mohair or try ribbon and yarn together. 3 or 4 strands of the same yarn looks effective especially i it has a slight colour change along its length.

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks


3. Use Mohair or thin yarn….

Use 3 or 4 strands of very thin yarn and thread beads onto them.  It needs to be thin as most beads only have small holes.  Experiment with creating patterns using the beads by having different amounts of beads on each strand.  Mohair works well because its thin but also the hairy effect adds texture and detail.

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks


4. Plaiting or Finger Crochet

This technique is most suitable for yarn rather than ribbon but it’s always good to experiment!

Plait 3 strands of yarn together or try finger crochet which only requires one strand, although the thicker the better. Also check out my tutorial “Barrel Knot Tieback”  This tieback is an introduction to macrame and uses an easy knot called a barrel knot which is repeated again and again to create a block of detail.


5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

Barrel Knot Tieback


5.  Buy an Embellishment or Accessory

Purchase an embellishment; a silk or felt flower or try out our tutorial “How to Tie the Perfect Bow” and then glue it on to any of the above. You could even use feathers. Another great idea is to find lace which features small flowers, carefully cut them out and stick them onto your yarn base for a delicate tieback.

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

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5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

Using Bows in DIY Photo Props

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks

5 easy 2 minute tiebacks


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